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Galaxy Buds Pro – worthwhile upgrades

Samsung’s best headphones have compact ergonomics, smart noise cancellation, good battery life, and a host of other worthwhile upgrades.

Compact ergonomic design

Galaxy Buds Pro does not use the pea-shaped design like Buds Live, but returns to its previous familiar in-ear design. However, Samsung has improved a lot in design with a compact ergonomic shape that fits snugly in the ear to help increase the experience of sound quality as well as noise resistance but still feels comfortable when worn for a long time. .

Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation (Intelligent ANC)

The active noise cancellation feature on the Galaxy Buds Pro is raised to a new level with the addition of intelligent voice recognition. The headset will automatically flexibly switch between ANC and Ambient Sound modes when it detects the user’s chat sound and jaw movement, so users can communicate easily without removing the headset or having to manipulate to switch modes like the previous generation or rivals. This model also automatically reduces the volume when it detects that the user is talking in any mode. In addition, when switching to ambient sound mode, the Galaxy Buds Pro will also amplify the surrounding sound. to hear more clearly without having to remove the headset.

The product’s noise cancellation is also much better than the previous generation with the level: low noise – in this mode instead of completely eliminating the sound of the surrounding environment, Samsung’s headphones still allow Users can hear sounds such as car horns, airplanes or high-frequency noises of danger announcements or warnings, while high-noise mode – for low and mid-range digital sounds , Buds Pro remove up to 90% of ambient noise so users can enjoy music to the fullest.

ANC or crosstalk features are not new, but upgrading with Samsung’s smart features helps provide a better experience than competitors when having to manually control to switch between modes takes time. time and more complex.

Upgrade sound and microphone

The most important factor when choosing to buy a headset is the sound quality, which is also carefully invested by Samsung when equipping up to two drivers for its headphones, including an 11 mm woofer and a 6.5 mm tweeter, so that in addition to At higher volume, the Galaxy Buds Pro also delivers good full-range sound, detailed sound separation. The bass on the Galaxy Buds Pro is not as bright as on the bass-oriented models, but it is still powerful. Users will also feel the improved sound quality in part due to the product’s good noise cancellation.

The ability to listen to calls and record is also optimized even though the headset fits in the ear, but with a 3-microphone system and the ability to direct to separate the voice from the surrounding environment. Users can talk or use Buds Pro as a recording microphone when recording video in any environment without having to worry about background noise.

Impressive battery life

Battery life on Buds Pro is improved compared to Buds Live juniors. Buds Pro has a battery life of 8 hours when active noise cancellation is turned off and 5 hours when this mode is on. With the charging box, users have an additional 20 and 13 hours of use, respectively, with each mode. The headset also supports fast charging, 5 minutes of charging for an hour of use. The wireless charging feature is useful when used with smartphones that support reverse charging.

Buds Pro is one of the best true wireless headphones of the year.

Other upgrades

In addition to the main upgrades above, Buds Pro also owns many notable features that make the product one of the best true wireless headphones of the year. The first is the IPX7 waterproof feature so that users can rest assured when using it in the rain or when doing sports. Next comes the feature of seamless switching between devices in Samsung’s product ecosystem.

Users can watch movies on the tablet, but when there is an incoming call from the phone, Buds Pro will automatically switch the connection to the smartphone. Finally, the ability to share audio from one source to two Buds Pro headphones via the Buds Together feature.

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