Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

In the new normal, many families tend to stay at home. Multi-function devices that support work and meet entertainment needs such as QLED Q60A TV are prioritized.
Currently, many companies do not require direct work at the office. Therefore, many people choose to work from home to have time to take care of their children and ensure the safety of their families. In the morning, the scene of rushing to prepare is gone, instead the members enjoy breakfast and watch their favorite shows.

Ensure productivity when working from home

Through the Multiview (multi-screen) feature on the QLED 4K TV, fathers can read news and children watch interesting children’s programs. When taking advantage of this feature on TV, users can enjoy multiple content at the same time.

With the Multiview feature, users don’t need to worry about missing important information on their phone when watching other programs on TV. Photo: Samsung.

At work time, the problem of communication, sharing ideas with colleagues is a concern for parents. However, QLED 4K TV users can easily split the screen in half to present, read documents and video call meetings with colleagues and discuss project ideas.

Besides, users who lightly touch the edge of the TV can send images, videos, and audio from the phone to the screen. Three voice assistants Bixby, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant help options for quick operation, increasing work efficiency.

Work is simplified thanks to smart features on the Samsung QLED 4K Q60A TV. Photo: Samsung.

Enhance your home entertainment experience

In the process of working, to relieve stress and regenerate energy for themselves, family members can enjoy good movies, funny entertainment programs or soft music while eating. lunch. The QLED 4K 60A TV has modern display technology that provides good picture quality, satisfying the experience and “boots up” positive emotions in the afternoon.

Specifically, the TV model equipped with Quantum Dot technology displays 100% of the color range with realistic images and Dual LED backlight technology for clear image contrast. In addition, Quantum HDR technology helps to bring the frame to life, combined with Object Tracking Sound Lite technology to support surround sound to provide a theater-like experience space.

With outstanding technology, Samsung QLED Q60A brings quality home cinema. Photo: Samsung.

At the end of a long day, members can join in a game match on QLED TV to share and connect multi-generational interests. The TV series features Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar to help customize utilities such as screen ratio, check input lag, FPS, HDR, wireless headset settingsā€¦ with the navigation key. This meets the two criteria of game enthusiasts, covering the playing space and displaying smooth and sharp image quality.

The game matches more attractive when the family experiences together. Photo: Samsung.

A day’s journey at home for many families is more comfortable and enjoyable when there are smart utilities of the 4K QLED Q60A TV, helping to optimize the results of studying, working, and entertaining at home.

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