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The combination of modern imaging technology and exclusive audio features helps Neo QLED TVs and Samsung soundbars meet diverse entertainment needs.

Advance in the field of image processing

Neo QLED inherits the groundbreaking Quantum Mini LED technology developed by Samsung. The “heart” of this technology are Quantum Mini LED bulbs, which are 40 times smaller than conventional bulbs. Combined with Quantum Matrix Pro technology, Samsung TVs can automatically increase and decrease the brightness of areas depending on the content, with very high accuracy thanks to the number of lighting zones increased to 1.5 time.

As a result, the device displays brighter whites and deeper blacks, providing better contrast. Image quality website Rtings commented that the Samsung Neo QLED QN900A model has “a natural contrast ratio, excellent area darkening with very deep blacks”.

The TV delivers a vivid picture thanks to its outstanding contrast and black performance. Photo: Samsung

With 8K resolution, every image displayed is highly detailed and vivid. Not only natural high-definition content, the product also optimizes all types of images thanks to the Neo Quantum 8K processor. Using data from 16 artificial neural networks, the chip increases detail to 8K standards for all content.

Quantum Dot technology displays 100% of the color gamut according to the DCI-P3 standard. Thanks to that, the image is reproduced with very high realism and vividness. With content with vibrant colors and wide color gamut, Quantum HDR 64x technology makes images brighter, higher contrast, compatible with HDR10+ content on many familiar movie applications.

“This TV model is really great, especially in dark or very bright rooms. Blacks are true blacks, while maximum brightness is very strong,” user JohnT commented on the company’s website.

Besides display quality, Samsung also cares about the user’s daily use experience. That’s why the company integrates anti-glare features as well as improves the Ultra Viewing Angle viewing angle, evenly distributing the light source on the screen so that users, no matter where they sit in the room, can enjoy the best picture.

Live sound mix

The entertainment experience would not be complete without sound effects. Samsung designed the internal speakers according to OTS Pro technology, allowing the sound to play according to the movement of each scene. This feature creates a 3D effect, helping users always feel like they are in the middle of each scene.

Users can also incorporate Samsung’s Q-soundbar speaker system. The Q-Symphony feature helps to synchronize the sound, creating true surround sound.

Neo QLED TV and Samsung soundbar work together to deliver better sound quality. Photo: Samsung

Each family and apartment will have different layouts, thereby affecting the arrangement of the entertainment area. With the Neo QLED TV, that’s no longer a problem. Spacefit Sound technology allows to customize and adjust the sound to adapt to the space, providing the best sound no matter where it is placed.

Diverse home entertainment

Besides entertainment needs with movies and music, users also want a more versatile device. Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ feature helps turn the TV screen into a gaming interface, increasing the probability of winning.

When the screen is upgraded to 120 Hz and supports FreeSync Premium Pro technology, users feel smoother operation, limited delay or jerky, tearing images. TVs can easily connect smartphones to share photos, videos or play games on the phone’s operating system.

Another smart feature that many families cannot ignore is Multi View. By dividing the screen into 4 frames, each member can enjoy different content, or use smaller frames to display additional information for the main content. The ultra-thin bezel allows users to fully focus on the content experience without distractions.

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