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Jabra Elite 7 Active has the same price and features as AirPods Pro, but better in water resistance, suitable for sports training.

Elite 7 Active is a new headset model of Jabra, just brought to Vietnam for $2.200. The product comes with simple accessories, including two sets of headset buttons, a USB-C cable and a user manual.

At this price, Elite 7 Active is in the same segment with Sony WF-1000XM4, Apple Airpods Pro and Airpods 3. The difference of the product lies in water resistance, sound quality and some typical features of the company. Circuit.

To optimize for use when exercising, Elite 7 Active trades off a number of factors in terms of material and appearance. The product is no longer as glossy as the Jabra Elite 85 series, but is roughened with rubber coating on the outside.

Users do not worry about the headset being scratched or dented if accidentally dropped, but this material also makes dust or sweat stains visible. In return, during practice, taking or storing the headset is easy to do without fear of slipping. Elite 7 Active is equipped with IP57 dust and water resistance, so it can be worn when jogging in the rain.

Each earbud weighs 5.5 grams, equal to Airpods Pro. The Elite 7’s sound transmission tube is made long, so it can go deeper and stick more firmly on the ear than many other products. Light weight and relatively soft buttons should not cause discomfort even if worn for a long time. Try with some situations such as when jogging, lying down to watch a movie, the headset does not fall off without impact.

Jabra has also added a proximity sensor that detects when the user takes it off their ears and stops the music. This equipment has been available on many other headset models for a long time, but now it is only available on Jabra products. In addition, on the body of the ear, there are microphones for recording as well as noise filtering.

The two front panels contain buttons to control music or activate noise cancellation or crosstalk. While most competitors use touch buttons, Jabra uses physical buttons. These buttons are made quite sensitive, press lightly, so users can operate without touching the ear wall. This method is to limit the state of touch disturbance or mistaken manipulation, especially during exercise and sweating.

In addition to direct control with buttons, users can operate through Jabra’s Sound+ application on smartphones. This application provides a variety of customizations so that users can optimize their headphones, such as the level of noise cancellation for each ear, adjust the equalizer for each sound range, and check the fit of the earplugs. ..

In addition, Sound+ also supports noise filtering and additional background sounds available such as birdsong, rain, running water, white noise… This solution is quite useful for those who need to focus on work. or take a break from a busy coffee shop or office.

The minus point of Elite 7 Active is that it does not support connecting two devices at the same time. If you have multiple phones or want to use it on both phones and computers, you will have to disconnect on the old device and re-pair on the new device.

The product meets the needs of listening to a variety of music genres thanks to the relatively balanced sound quality, quite similar to Apple’s headphones. The sound from the Elite 7 Active is not too emphasized in a certain sound range. All three bands are reproduced moderately, but may not really satisfy those who like to listen to music with strong bass and stretch when practicing. Users can also adjust the EQ on the app to get the sound quality to suit their preferences.

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