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With user-friendly design, portability and powerful sound quality, LG Xboom 360 RP4 promises to become the user’s companion in the fun.
Normally, users will have to spend a lot of money to own a speaker model with good enough appearance, impressive sound performance displayed in the house. LG launched the XBoom 360 RP4 portable speaker, partly to meet this need. The minimalist design makes the device able to accompany users in many spaces.

Modern design

One of LG’s recent advances is its minimalist product design, but it impresses users from the first time they “touch” it. The XBoom 360 RP4’s modern cylindrical cone wrap is a thick fabric that feels both friendly and waterproof. Every detail such as handle, cone lamp, fabric layer, base are all high-class finishing.

The XBoom 360 RP4 has a minimalist cone design.

In particular, many components of the XBoom 360 RP4 are made from recycled plastic and post-consumer materials. This shows LG’s forward thinking, but does not lose the beauty and high-end of the speaker model.

XBoom 360 RP4 has control buttons located on the top, equipped with a USB port to charge anytime, anywhere, suitable for picnics. 4 designs beige, burgundy red, black and green all have their own beauty. Speaker has a weight of 6 kg, reasonable for mobile users.

In the dark, XBoom 360 RP4 stands out with lights placed in the cone, capable of transforming beautiful effects to suit any space. The speaker’s lights have 360-degree lighting with 3 setting modes: Ambient, Nature and Party.

The XBoom 360 RP4’s light effects can blend in with the music.

The DJ Effect and Bass Blast features allow the XBoom 360 RP4’s lighting effects to blend with the vibrant music. In contrast, the speaker also knows how to “share” with users in deposited spaces, through 16.8 million colors with many effects that can be adjusted through the application.

Powerful sound quality

The XBoom 360 RP4’s driver system includes a compressed tuber tweeter rarely found in a portable speaker model, with a conductive horn and a 2.54 cm diaphragm made of titanium, allowing detailed high-range reproduction, impressive dynamics and directionality.

The mid and bass sections use a 13.4 cm composite fiberglass membrane driver. The most special is the amplifier circuit with a capacity of 120 W, ensuring to fill a 60 m2 room and not drown in outdoor parties.

360-degree music playback comes from a funnel-shaped detail that disperses omnidirectional sound waves. No matter where you stand around, the sound is the same, not blurry, noisy like conventional speakers.

Users can customize the music playback mode on XBoom 360 RP4.

XBoom 360 RP4 has a bright sound, quite resonant but does not lose the strong bass range. This speaker is suitable for listening to lively rap or EDM songs. In the accompanying application, there are EQ options to choose from, which partly meet the diverse needs of listeners. Behind the speaker there is a “twin” button that helps users connect to another XBoom 360 RP4 to create a larger sound space.

In addition to its beautiful design and eye-catching lighting effects, the XBoom 360 RP4 also has the advantage of being portable with its low weight, decent durability, slightly vibrant sound quality and many connectivity options. With a price of 6.9 million, XBoom 360 RP4 promises to be a suitable speaker model to be present in small and medium entertainment rooms.

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