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The soundbar is as compact as a portable speaker

LG Soundbar QP5W has a width of 30 cm, equal to half of popular soundbar models with 3.1.2 sound, priced at $500.

QP5W was introduced by LG at CES 2021 but only sold in Vietnam. The product is in the price range of 11 million VND, on par with some other 3.1 speaker models such as Sony HT-G700, Samsung HW-Q700A.

Compared to competitors, the difference of LG speakers lies in the compact size of the soundbar, easy to install and suitable for small spaces.

The main speaker is 29.6 cm long, 6 cm high and 12.6 cm deep, equivalent to some small portable speaker models and takes up only half the space of popular soundbars on the market.

The outer surface of the speaker is a combination of metal on the top and burlap around, like many high-end speakers. Three LEDs show the hidden status underneath this fabric. However, with the white version, the outside of the speaker is easy to reveal stains, so users need to clean it more often.

Despite its compact size, the sound bar of the QP5W contains 5 drivers, including three forward-facing speakers (1 straight speaker, two 45-degree angle speakers placed in the curved part), and two speakers pointing straight up to create surround sound effects.

The product does not support wall mounting, forcing users to place it on a small shelf. In addition, because there are two ceiling-facing speakers, users need to avoid placing the speakers under obstacles or too close to the TV, because it can change the surround sound effect.

All connection ports are located on the back, including the power port, optical audio, USB, and two HDMI input/output lines. When connecting to a TV, users can choose an optical or HDMI port with TV lines that support HDMI ARC.

Above are 5 buttons including Bluetooth connection button, volume up / down, input source selection button and power on / off button. Equipping these buttons helps users have more options in controlling the speaker, but it is not really necessary because there is a remote control. The rear placement also makes it easy for users to click wrongly during the connection to the port below.

The speaker’s remote control contains all the necessary features such as Bluetooth connection, audio mode selection, audio source, music control, volume up and down. LG Soundbar QP5W has AI Sound Pro mode. When connected to an LG TV, the device can recognize the context of the frame whether listening to music or watching a movie, thereby automatically providing appropriate sound customization.

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